Wednesday, 15 April 2015



As you can check the first unit is finished, this tunnel fighters are ready to cut in thin slices some grobi or skaven... and occasionally some elves just for fun. This will be the main unit in my army, well it might be cause it worth 400 points!!! and without the hero that is gonna be included...

In paint terms I went really easy, just some dark metal colours and some colourful beards and shields to contrast, so as always I'm painting grim even when tried to go more lightful, happy and oldhammer style... but i can´t... no unicorns and candy in my mind, just dark things.
The next unit, that is almost finished (something really hard to do cause actually I'm my own slave at the office...) CLANSMEN, this plastic models where the first ones I´ve bought for games workshop back there in the nineties, I have no command for this unit but in a lot there was this standard bearer made with the frame and two axes, so if the last owner thought it was a good idea, ill buy it.

Well next unit will be a cannon and probably a unit of thunderers.