Friday, 8 January 2016


During the late 8th to the late 11th centuries Vikings raided north and central Europe, well not only raid they were also great sailors, traders and artisans, but they are mostly known as violent, intrepid and great fighters. When SAGA went out I bought some hirdmen and some Saxons, I thought it was gonna be a lot of games with my friends but after a couple of months we had bought things but never played, as part of my pledge of the challenge I´m cleaning my pile of forgotten projects.

All of this warriors are painted in the most easy way I could find, first a metal drybrush, then clothing with kantor blue (gw), refractory green (va) and German camo (va), for the skin, red beige (va) and light flesh (va)followed of washes of ogryn flesh and nuln oil. Then some lights for the blue with enchanted blue (gw) and with the base colours for the rest.

The shields have a little bit more of love, I picked some examples around the web and painted them with black and white. The berserks are really bloody using games workshop blood effect, awesome paint, I used to make my own mix with black, red and gloss varnish, but with this paint its the same effect and easier to do.

Thursday, 31 December 2015


Assassin Adept
 I really hate skavens... I do, never liked them, and never liked people who play with skavens... that last one is not 100% true, but almost. But the thing is that my friend Anita told me to play Mordheim and she wanted to play with them so after two years I painted a warband and I enjoyed it so much that im gonna play with them.
Verminkin with slings
 The clan Eshin is the chosen to search wyrdstone in the city of the damned, also is the biggest warband you can collect, top of twenty members, very fast runners and cheap!!!! for 20gc you have a regular verminkin, armed with a dagger and for only 2gc they have a sling.

In Mordheim the best thing is to have attacks, not good ones just a lot and a starting band of 18 members will be outnumbering the rest of the warbands for the very first beggining.
Verminkin with... lets say slings and clubs

I used really old models and some of the ones from the mordheim official band, the old ones are from a lot I bought like 3 years ago, and the morheim ones are heritage from friends who left the hobby when they grow up... hehehe so its a really cheap part of my leadpile and im really happy to have it a little less huge pile.

This band is my first entry for the challenge, now im working in a viking warband for saga so for a little ill be far from the dark and grimm city but i have some buildings to finsih

The paint was really fast and simple, black priming followes by some grey drybrushes of greyscale, for the flesh i went from flat brown (va) to beige red (va) to light flesh (va), and a washed with ogre felsh ink (gw). I thins its the most important part of the models and it looks they way I liked it. Right after I finished I felt that they need something else so they have now blood in the weapons and now Im happy hehehe.

Night runners the sword brothers

Black Skaven

Rat ogre lovely isnt it

More Verminkin and another Black Skaven

Giant rats and an Eshin Sorcerer

Wednesday, 23 December 2015


big place for big fun

I´ve been really, really, really busy this last year, one of the things that took a lot of time, energy and money was to renovate my flat, but now I have a cool house and a cool house is not ready without a good man cave, so here it is!!!

books, books, books...

I have space for a big gaming table and space to paint with up to three friends, so this year I guess its gonna be full of hobby... cause actually I have to stay at home...

Clean and under control, not gonna last hahahaha

Saturday, 5 December 2015


For the last few year I´ve been following the blog Analogue Hobbies and it´s painting challenge. For the last year I´ve been really busy and I left the blog a little bit dead, but I´m ready, I´m in for 500 points, the 28mm models are 5 points for each infantry I paint, 10 for the mounted or crews and 15 for the vehicles, my models are usually 28mm so I have to paint around 80 infantrymen and some vehicles, in like 3 months... For me the hard part is not to find time to paint, its more difficult to find the moment to make proper photos and sit down to write, but this time I´m ready.

On my desk:

The tempestus scions primed and ready to be painted, they are 45 troops,4 Valkyries and a Knight.

Lord of the Rings hobbit army plus the grey company (aragorn and some friends).

Russian army for bolt action.

Skaven warband for mordheim.

Chaos army for warmaster.

Chaos warriors for Age of Sigmar.

Viking warband for saga.

I have more around the house and more ideas but I´m gonna try to focus to achieve at least the tempestus army, the skaven and the vikings for saga, with this i would have more than 500 points and I really want to get into the bonus rounds, this year the challenge goes around the risk takers, gamblers and daredevils and the bonus rounds are:

  • January 3rd: Nostalgia 
  • January 17th: Epic Fail 
  • January 31st : Defensive Terrain 
  • February 14th: L'amour 
  • February 28th: Nautical 
  • March 13th: Gambler/Risk-Taker
 Im gonna start assembling and priming the first 500 points and buying a nice table with lights for the photos...

Wednesday, 15 April 2015



As you can check the first unit is finished, this tunnel fighters are ready to cut in thin slices some grobi or skaven... and occasionally some elves just for fun. This will be the main unit in my army, well it might be cause it worth 400 points!!! and without the hero that is gonna be included...

In paint terms I went really easy, just some dark metal colours and some colourful beards and shields to contrast, so as always I'm painting grim even when tried to go more lightful, happy and oldhammer style... but i can´t... no unicorns and candy in my mind, just dark things.
The next unit, that is almost finished (something really hard to do cause actually I'm my own slave at the office...) CLANSMEN, this plastic models where the first ones I´ve bought for games workshop back there in the nineties, I have no command for this unit but in a lot there was this standard bearer made with the frame and two axes, so if the last owner thought it was a good idea, ill buy it.

Well next unit will be a cannon and probably a unit of thunderers.