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Assassin Adept
 I really hate skavens... I do, never liked them, and never liked people who play with skavens... that last one is not 100% true, but almost. But the thing is that my friend Anita told me to play Mordheim and she wanted to play with them so after two years I painted a warband and I enjoyed it so much that im gonna play with them.
Verminkin with slings
 The clan Eshin is the chosen to search wyrdstone in the city of the damned, also is the biggest warband you can collect, top of twenty members, very fast runners and cheap!!!! for 20gc you have a regular verminkin, armed with a dagger and for only 2gc they have a sling.

In Mordheim the best thing is to have attacks, not good ones just a lot and a starting band of 18 members will be outnumbering the rest of the warbands for the very first beggining.
Verminkin with... lets say slings and clubs

I used really old models and some of the ones from the mordheim official band, the old ones are from a lot I bought like 3 years ago, and the morheim ones are heritage from friends who left the hobby when they grow up... hehehe so its a really cheap part of my leadpile and im really happy to have it a little less huge pile.

This band is my first entry for the challenge, now im working in a viking warband for saga so for a little ill be far from the dark and grimm city but i have some buildings to finsih

The paint was really fast and simple, black priming followes by some grey drybrushes of greyscale, for the flesh i went from flat brown (va) to beige red (va) to light flesh (va), and a washed with ogre felsh ink (gw). I thins its the most important part of the models and it looks they way I liked it. Right after I finished I felt that they need something else so they have now blood in the weapons and now Im happy hehehe.

Night runners the sword brothers

Black Skaven

Rat ogre lovely isnt it

More Verminkin and another Black Skaven

Giant rats and an Eshin Sorcerer

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