Friday, 8 January 2016


During the late 8th to the late 11th centuries Vikings raided north and central Europe, well not only raid they were also great sailors, traders and artisans, but they are mostly known as violent, intrepid and great fighters. When SAGA went out I bought some hirdmen and some Saxons, I thought it was gonna be a lot of games with my friends but after a couple of months we had bought things but never played, as part of my pledge of the challenge I´m cleaning my pile of forgotten projects.

All of this warriors are painted in the most easy way I could find, first a metal drybrush, then clothing with kantor blue (gw), refractory green (va) and German camo (va), for the skin, red beige (va) and light flesh (va)followed of washes of ogryn flesh and nuln oil. Then some lights for the blue with enchanted blue (gw) and with the base colours for the rest.

The shields have a little bit more of love, I picked some examples around the web and painted them with black and white. The berserks are really bloody using games workshop blood effect, awesome paint, I used to make my own mix with black, red and gloss varnish, but with this paint its the same effect and easier to do.


  1. What a great unit, the gore is particularly effective.

  2. Just saw this. Nice work on these and the Skaven.