Tuesday, 21 January 2014



Here we go.For the very first entry for the challenge, two units of hussars, their leader and the vulcan. My first force for WZR is a Bauhaus army. I´m trying to have them finished real quick, thats why I  choosed this color scheme; clothes are painted with a neutral grey and the armour with german field grey (both from Vallejo's range) For the backpack and boots I´ve used citadel colors (can't remember which ones... my bad memory attacks again..).

After the first layers where on place, I washed the clothes with black oil paint and used a brown wash for the armour. All weapons are primed black  with a boltgun metal drybrush.

For Miss Drachen I´ve used some blue at her jacket to make her stand out, as a bauhaus aristocrat should. As you can see I still haveto finish the face and arms, but now you can have a clear idea of how she is gonna look. also, her blonde hair made her easy to spot, and mark her as a VIP, as I plan to do all the Etoiles Mortant dark haired.
(but that's another tale for another entry....) 

P.D. (I've Heard mishima is already primed. Much more than I expected to get...)

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