Thursday, 16 January 2014


Well, it´s been more than a year since my group of usual junkees of warzone and I started to hype with the Resurrection of Warzone (a.k.a WZR). I loved the Mutant Chronicles since I was a kid who bought a little capitol army, (only God knoes where those relics are).

We went a totally nuts with our pledge and for this last months we´ve made lots of jokes about receiving or not our models and how amazing would be paint them... And then, the day before Christmas my friend called me up saying that we have the models. After some drooling over the WZR minis, yesterday I discovered that Big Jim from Wargaming Shenanigans made a painting challenge and posted it on warzone facebook group. And it was an autoinclude forme.So in this next month time (till Feb. 15th), 

We will be posting the models of my Bauhaus army.And If we are lucky (and I press hard my friend as to make him take up a brush), maybe some Mishima forces.

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