Saturday, 5 December 2015


For the last few year I´ve been following the blog Analogue Hobbies and it´s painting challenge. For the last year I´ve been really busy and I left the blog a little bit dead, but I´m ready, I´m in for 500 points, the 28mm models are 5 points for each infantry I paint, 10 for the mounted or crews and 15 for the vehicles, my models are usually 28mm so I have to paint around 80 infantrymen and some vehicles, in like 3 months... For me the hard part is not to find time to paint, its more difficult to find the moment to make proper photos and sit down to write, but this time I´m ready.

On my desk:

The tempestus scions primed and ready to be painted, they are 45 troops,4 Valkyries and a Knight.

Lord of the Rings hobbit army plus the grey company (aragorn and some friends).

Russian army for bolt action.

Skaven warband for mordheim.

Chaos army for warmaster.

Chaos warriors for Age of Sigmar.

Viking warband for saga.

I have more around the house and more ideas but I´m gonna try to focus to achieve at least the tempestus army, the skaven and the vikings for saga, with this i would have more than 500 points and I really want to get into the bonus rounds, this year the challenge goes around the risk takers, gamblers and daredevils and the bonus rounds are:

  • January 3rd: Nostalgia 
  • January 17th: Epic Fail 
  • January 31st : Defensive Terrain 
  • February 14th: L'amour 
  • February 28th: Nautical 
  • March 13th: Gambler/Risk-Taker
 Im gonna start assembling and priming the first 500 points and buying a nice table with lights for the photos...


  1. Best of luck, this year promises to be the busiest and best yet.

  2. Thanks!! Let's see what we can do!!!