Wednesday, 11 June 2014


I was just a young guy at the highschool when I readed Lord of the Rings, and from all the appareances the ones of the Rohirrim were my favourite, Eomer was a great hero with good and loyal soldiers and his sister the kind of woman I would like to have by my side, Theoden after been healed by Gandalf has the best quotes of the book, motivational speeches that would make me charge against all this uruk hai or mordor troops...

the three buddies giving lessons
Era solo un chaval de instituto cuando leí el Señor de los Anillos, y de todas las apariciones las de los rohirrim eran mis favoritas, Eomer era un gran héroe con soldados buenos y leales y su hermana el tipo de mujer que querría tener a mi lado, Theoden después de ser curado por Gandalf tiene las mejores frases del libro, discursos inspiradores que yo cargara contra todos esos uruk hai o tropas de mordor...

 I only collected models when GW released the first three games about LOTR but never played a lot, it was the parchis of the wargames for me, but when the battle system the war of the rings came out was the perfect excuse to assemble and paint an army of this brave men and their horses... hehehehe.

Some rohan soldiers on foot cause the heroes of the stand deserve some friends
Solo me dedique a coleccionar miniaturas cuando GW saco los primeros tres juegos del señor de los anillos pero nunca los jugué mucho, eran el parchis de los wargames, pero cuando salio el sistema de batallas la guerra del anillo fue la perfecta excusa para montar y pintar un ejercito de estos valientes hombres y sus caballos... hehehehe

Now it´s on sale so if you want it just let me know

Ahora este ejercito esta a la venta, si os interesa solo dejarme un comentario.

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  1. They look wonderful, I love the stand with the three heroes hunting ork!