Sunday, 1 February 2015


During my first days in this hobby, when I was at the end of the month waiting for my white dwarf, I founded a series of articles of four guys whit a monthly budget for collecting a new army, so they buy, assemble, paint and play with this armies, this was my favourite series at this times, and after that I did this with friends, but never checked with photos, or writing about it.

A couple of nights ago I´ve founded this blog, so after a short talk with richard he invited me to this challenge, so here I am and this is my first entrance, a unit of iron breakers, well as you can guess i´m gonna paint a dwarf army and now i´m working in the background, I have a huge leadpile of marauder dwarves so I don´t really think I´m gonna need to buy a lot of "new" models, but who knows I have issues... hehehe.

This is my project for february and I hope I´m gonna be able to finish in time.


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